Welcome to The Concept House

We combine an Agency, a Film Production and a Digital House in just One Team, making the best of all worlds.

Agencies, Production Houses, Digital specialists, etc. only focus on a specific part of client’s business. Synergy and implementation of a big idea through the line is usually very hard to obtain.

The Concept House creates 360 degrees communication strategies and produces them according to the brand’s marketing objectives.

Agencies and Production Houses have completely different goals and understanding of client’s business and their multi-faceted marketing objectives. That’s why the work often suffers from it.

Our process is
short and efficient.

The process between Agency and Production Houses usually goes through endless meetings and red tape.

Our structure is simple, flexible, multidisciplinary and fast.

The Agency structure tends to be complex and slow.

We offer a one-stop solution from ideas to production for TVC, digital, print, outdoor and POS.

Clients suffer from a lack of coordination between all the different specialised agencies, wasting a lot of time and resulting in no consistency in the execution.